Sports Flooring

When it comes to sports flooring, facility managers throughout the state of Oklahoma rely on Beckett Brothers to provide performance surface solutions to meet every need.

We’ve worked on courts ranging from NCAA level to small colleges to high school and elementary schools. Also, we’ve worked on the Oklahoma City Thunder’s court as well.

Sports flooring differs from floors designed for other applications in one significant way: the safety, comfort, and performance of the athletes is always the first priority. Our maple floors are constructed with MFMA approved materials. Our Herculan synthetic polyurethane surfaces are completely solvent-free and easy to install, while our Action ReFlex rubber flooring is the perfect high impact and shock absorbent surface.


A partial list of sports flooring applications includes:


• Professional and collegiate arenas

• Gymnasiums

• Racquetball, handball and squash courts

• Weight/fitness rooms

• Dance floors

• Roller skating rinks

• Stages




Action provides sports flooring options for college & universities, K-12 gyms, field houses, professional arenas, community centers, racquetball courts, dance rooms and more.

Beckett Bros. is the exclusive Action retailer for Oklahoma. We placed in the Top 10 of Action suppliers nationwide per capita 7 times in the last 16 years.

Action premium, solid maple permanent and portable floor systems are preferred for uniform playability, resiliency and shock absorption for athletes' safety, and their impressive durability.

Action is the exclusive North American supplier of the finest synthetic polyurethane seamless athletic surface — Action Herculan®. This flooring is solvent-free and features the industry’s first water-based topcoat. Action Herculan can contribute to a facility’s LEED points and is a durable and eco-friendly solution for many applications, including basketball, track, tennis (indoor and outdoor), multipurpose elementary school gyms and roller hockey.

Action offers multiple flooring options to fit a variety of needs, like the RexCourt® vinyl athletic sheet flooring, which is very effective in choir rooms, workout rooms and multi-purpose spaces. Or Action ReFlex® which is a recycled rubber multi-use flooring, perfect for weight rooms.

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Bona finishes bring out the best in hardwood floors all over the world. Bona Sport products are used across North America to produce championship appearance and performance for high schools, colleges and NBA arenas. Bona is the only NBA approved finish.


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In addition to installing new sports flooring, we offer other flooring services including:


• Evaluation of existing floors/problems

• Repairs

• Complete sanding and finishing

• Custom graphic design





Routine Maintenance:

SWEEP THE FLOOR DAILY with a properly treated dust mop. If the floor is used heavily, sweep it up to three times daily. Use a water based treatment on the dust mop.

WIPE UP SPILLS and any moisture on the floor surface.

MAKE SURE HVAC SYSTEM IS FUNCTIONING PROPERLY and set it to maintain indoor relative humidity levels between 35-50% year round. If humidity falls below 35%, the floor would shrink and could cause cracking or paint chipping. If the humidity exceeds 50%, the expansion joints will close and the floor will buckle or cause other significant damage to interior walls.

REMOVE HEEL MARKS using an approved floor cleaner applied with a soft cloth. The dust mop treatment is a good cleaner for this application.

INSPECT FLOOR FOR TIGHTENING OR SHRINKAGE when humidity fluctuates. If humidity rises, the floor will absorb moisture, causing it to expand. Conversely, if the humidity falls, the floor will release moisture, causing it to shrink.

ALWAYS PROTECT THE FLOOR when moving heavy portable equipment or lifts.


Annual Maintenance:

Clean ‘N Coat services should be performed at least once per year. Depending on the use of the floor, it should receive one or two coats of oil base finish or two coats of water base finish. This depends on what type of finish is on the floor. Beckett Bros. cleans and lightly abrades the floor as a part of our Clean ‘N Coat service in order to remove embedded scratches in the existing finish. Without this additional step, existing scratches, scuffs or marred areas will show through the new finish. For the first several years, we recommend two coats of oil base finish be applied in order to build up a good level of finish.


Maintenance to Avoid:

• Don’t shut down HVAC system for a prolonged period of time.

• Never use household cleaning products or procedures. They can be harmful to the floor finish and wood, plus they may leave the floors sticky or slippery, causing potential harm to athletes.

• Don’t use a dust mop where oil or silicone have been applied or that has been previously been used on a waxed floor.

• Never clean a MFMA floor using scrubbing machinery or power scrubbers that use water.

• Contact us to find out how Beckett Brothers can meet all your facilities flooring needs.

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