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Pet People

Jeff Behymer - Thursday, October 30, 2014

Is there a clear-cut answer to the question, “What kind of floors are best for pets?” Let’s take a look at our options…


Many pre-finished floors have a variable amount of finish layers from the factory. Typically the more amount of finish, the better the boasted protection from the manufacturer. The idea is that the more layers of finish will provide a higher resistance to excessive wear.


Many un-finished floors come with multiple layers of field applied finish. Proper routine maintenance is key to the life of the floor. We recommend an annual Clean ‘N Coat to help build up additional layers of polyurethane protection. The Clean ‘N Coat also includes a screening process where we lightly abrade the surface before applying the new finish. This process often removes many of the surface level imperfections prior to the new finish being applied.


So the answer to the questions is, “It depends.” The type of floor you choose depends on the amount of maintenance that will be provided. It depends on the size and tendencies of the pet. It depends on where the floor is installed in the home. It depends on the adjacent rooms, doorways, windows, etc. will bring into the room. Absolutely no wood floor will hold up to pet urine that is not immediately cleaned up.


For routine maintenance guidelines, visit our FAQpage.


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